UFC 81: Brock Lesnar says “There’s no shame in losing”

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Brock Lesnar faced Frank Mir this past Saturday night at UFC 81-Breaking Point.  Although Lesnar was the favorite for this heavyweight match, Mir pulled off an incredible upset victory over Lesnar via a submission-ankle lock in the first round. 

During the UFC 81 post-fight interview, Mir went on to say:

“I expected him to be strong, but I didn’t expect him to be as fast as he was…One second he was on my right, then he was on my left. That second armbar I tried works 99 percent of the time in practice except against the most experienced guys.”

Lesnar started the fight with much aggression, just like many of us expected it to be.  Although he looked to be overpowering Mir as he pounded him down with his heavy hands, he completely forgot what he learned at his Jiu-Jitsu 101 class.  As soon as Mir saw that leg come in, he took advantage by slipping in a quick and easy ankle lock, adding a second consecutive win to his record.

Here’s a snip from Lesnar:

“There’s no shame in losing…I lost my first amateur wrestling match as a kid. My coach told me when I was wanting to quit, that you first have to lose before you learn how not to lose. I don’t like to lose so I have to learn not to lose in this sport…Obviously I’m disappointed, but it was a great experience…I must have worked on defending that leglock 1,000 times maybe. I thought I was going to get out…I’m here for as long as I can fight here…I love what I’m doing. The company has been great”

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