UFC 75: Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill

The British native, Michael Bisping, says “I am looking forward to hopefully kicking some ass” as he is more than ready to face Matt Hamill this Saturday.

Bisping is excited to fight in London, England…the capital of his motherland.  He feels that he will have all the support from his British fans and will look to perform just as good as in UFC 70-Nations Collide, where he defeated Elvis Sinosic in Manchester via TKO in the second round.

Matt Hamill is a deaf American MMA fighter and 3-time NCAA Division 3 wrestler who participated in the Ultimate Fighter 3.  He defeated Mike Nickels by submission, but was not able to continue due to injuries caused by some of the fights he participated in during that season.  Hamill feels that he deserved to have the title at the end of Ultimate Fighter 3, so he insists that he cannot wait for Saturday as he will go to prove that he is the true champ.

In a recent interview with Michael Bisping, he looks really fed up with Hamill’s trash talk and can’t wait to put him in check.  Can’t wait for this fight…the entire fight card looks amazing!

Who do you guys take for this match?



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