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T.O.P. Army Fighter On The Military Channel

The Military channel has come out with a new mixed martial arts show and it’s set to debut tonight at 10pm ET.  The T.O.P. Army Fighter show will feature over 200 army fighters in 7 different weight classes.

The first episode will feature several bouts between the welterweights (155 lbs.), "cruiserweights" (185 lbs.) and light heavyweights (205 lbs.). 

Here’s a snip from the Military Channel website:

This is the Army’s version of Ultimate Fighting – but the difference
is, the Army trains their warriors to cope with real-world life or
death battles. Now the Cruiserweights, Welterweights, and Light
Heavyweights faceoff for the championship title.

For more information regarding the T.O.P. Army Fighter series, click here

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