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Thiago Alves Injures Knee and Cancels UFC 107 Fight Against Jon Fitch


Thiago “Pitbull” Alves seems to be a bit relieved with backing out of his UFC 107 rematch fight against Jon Fitch.  Alves mentions the fact that he has been injured for quite some time now, tearing up his MCL against Georgs St. Pierre back at UFC 100 and now his PCL just six weeks before his bout with Fitch.  Although he was ready to fight no matter what his doctors told him, his manager convinced him not to step into the Octagon especially against a high caliber fighter like Fitch whom he lost to already at UFC Fight Night 5.  The “Pitbull” believes he’ll be ready by the end of January in 2010 and plans to make “a huge impression” the day he returns to the Octagon.

From Thiago Alves:

“I tore my PCL, I had a knee injury before my fight with GSP in which I tore my MCL and now 6 weeks before my fight with Fitch I tore my PCL. My doctor advised me not to fight and although I still wanted to fight my manager told me not to because I am not 100%, they felt it was not a good idea to go up against a fighter like Jon Fitch at anything less than full strength. I am going to take this time off to heal and get better, hopefully I will be back by January 31st. It’s not as bad as it could have been but it’s not worth the risk of doing any further damage. You have no idea how bad I wanted this fight! When I come back I am going to better than ever, the next time I step inside the octagon I am going to make a huge impression. Everything happens for a reason and I have no complaints.”

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