Steve Cantwell On Breaking Razak Al Hassan’s Arm: “I Do Regret The Comments I Made”

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Former WEC light heavyweight champion Steve Cantwell entered the UFC octagon for the very first time in his MMA career on December 10th, 2008.  He faced another UFC newcomer by the name of Razak Al Hassan at the UFC: ‘Fight for the Troops’ event.  Cantwell acquired a technical armbar submission victory over Al Hassan, but broke his arm during the process.  For some reason Al Hassan did not tap out and the referee was forced to stop the fight after seeing Al Hassan’s fractured right arm. 

Quickly after the fight, he said the following to Joe Rogan:

"I always wanted to snap an arm like that, and I’m happy I did it."

Cantwell’s post-fight interview celebration and comments sparked some criticism in the MMA world.  He decided to apologize for his remarks and blames the "adrenaline" for his harsh words.  Here’s what he had to say:

“You know that was a really weird outcome to the fight. I had the arm
locked in tightly and expected Razak to tap right away – then we rolled
twice and it got even tighter. I was thinking to myself ‘This guy is
made of rubber – this is crazy’. The only thing I could to end the
fight was force the arm until either it broke or he tapped, and that’s
what I did. Fighting is always a series of calculated risks, and he had
ample opportunity to tap. But none of us enter the ring trying to end
each others career, and I do regret the comments I made and being so
animated about it afterwards. It was the adrenaline taking overWhen Razak heals up I want him to come out to Vegas and train with me.
He’s a great guy, a great fighter, and has a future in this sport for
sure. There is absolutely no ill will between us."



  1. anon

    December 25, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    He’s a punk-ass who needs to get his limp dick broke and then have someone celebrate it and then see how he feels.

  2. anon

    December 26, 2008 at 12:04 am

    and on a follow-up to that last comment:
    There’s a rumor on the streets that black guys are good fighters but not that tough. If anyone believes the not that tough part, go check this fight out. That is one of the toughest dudes to ever enter the ufc (and yes a little stupid to not tap but wtf he’s a bad m.f.).
    And I’m a white guy saying that.

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