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Ryan Gracie dies at age 33

A tragic ending for one of the members of the Gracie family.  The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert, Ryan Gracie, was pronounced dead hours after he was arrested.  According to the police report in Brazil, Ryan was arrested after stealing several vehicles.  During these robberies, he stabbed a 76-year old man and attacked all of the other vehicle owners. 

The police then found Ryan dead while he was behind bars all due to an intoxication of legal and illegal drugs that were in his system.  It seems like Ryan was on some serious drug disorder as they found out that he was on marijuana, cocaine, an unknown anti-anxiety drug and several drugs that were prescribed to him by a psychiatrist that was treating him.  This wasn’t the first time Ryan was arrested as he had a history of aggressive behavior.  In 2000, he was arrested for stabbing a man at a nightclub in his hometown at Rio de Janeiro.

Renzo Gracie’s brother and the grandson to Carlos Gracie will be remembered by many MMA fans around the world.  The former PrideFC fighter will leave us with great memories as he finishes his MMA career with 4 consecutive wins and an overall 5-2-0 record.

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