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Rio Heroes 11 to be Streamed Live and FREE over the Internet

Rio Heroes 11 will be aired Live and for FREE over the internet tomorrow (Tuesday), November 6 at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT.  At, they will be giving away a free pass to watch the Super-Lightweight event.  Full access of their entire archived files will be granted to everyone up until November 7.  This is going to be a one time special offer, so don’t miss your chance to see the vale tudo bouts.

According to

The contenders compete without gloves, rules, or time limits in no
holds barred steel cage matches.  However, fighters refrain from hitting the groin, gouging eyes, and hair pulling out of
respect for their competitors and the cage for which they do battle. The only spectators are serious
fighters themselves, who can be heard taunting fighters and shouting
out suggestive comments during the match in their native Portuguese

Through the years, American involvement and corporate regulations have
created rounds, rules, and many other lackluster restrictions. Do not
expect to see this or any other Hollywood-type fights on this website.
All it has to offer is street fighting in its purest form, including
knockouts, blackouts, and broken bones. From the gyms and streets of
Brazil, warriors converge to take on each other and try to become the
next Rio Hero.

Click here to watch Rio Heroes 11

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