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Ricardo Arona Delays MMA Return, Injures Knee Again During Training

Ricardo Arona- knee

After a two year absence from mixed martial arts competition due to a knee injury, the former PrideFC middleweight champion Ricardo Arona made his return and defeated Marvin ‘The Beastman” Eastman this past September at the Biteti Combat event.  According to his fight camp, Arona reportedly injured his knee once again.  There is no word on his return, but a possible knee surgery may take place in order to clear up the old injury once and for all.

From Ricardo Arona:

“I’m coming from the doctor now, deciding what to do with my knee. I’ll have to stop for a while, maybe I’ll have to make a surgery… If I’ll make the surgery, will be for now…I had a serious injury that got worse during the fight, when my foot got stuck on the grid. It was the only thing that went wrong and caused a lot of trouble…I couldn’t close any contracts because of that [referring to contract he almost signed with Strikeforce].”

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