UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion – Rematch between Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping


The biggest controversial fight the UFC has had in a while was the match-up between Michael Bisping and Matt Hamill at UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion.  According to voting polls all over the internet, the fans clearly disagreed with the decisions of the 2 judges that were in favor of Bisping.

Even Dana White wants an immediate rematch as he stated that it was a “no-brainer and I’m going to be on it right away.”

If there is a rematch fight, Bisping will probably have to work on his stand-up and press on Hamill from the very start instead of fighting defensively because Hamill seemed to be the aggressor throughout the entire match.  Bisping did press up on Hamill at some points in the third round, but it simply wasn’t enough to actually win the fight.

On the other hand, Hamill will definitely need to work on his cardio as you could tell that he was running out of gas toward the last minute of each round.  He out-boxed Bisping overall and was able to take him down with absolutely no complications whenever he wanted to, but cardio is key to winning fights.  The entire fight was exciting, so it would certainly be one hell of a rematch.

It would also be a rematch that Matt Hamill deserves.



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