Mirko Cro Cop Furious: “I Am Not Avoiding The UFC And Will Come Back By The End Of The Year”

Mirko Cro Cop sounded really irritated with many MMA fans from around the world who had negative things to say about him temporarily leaving the UFC. 

In a recent interview with, Cro Cop had a few things he wanted to point out to everyone:

“I have already mentioned that I will take part in three fights for DREAM and that then I will return to the UFC…And to all Internet know-it-alls, I say to put gloves on and to enter
the ring or the cage themselves before insulting (any) fighter. I
repeat, I am not avoiding the UFC, and will come back by the end of the
year…For the last two years I’ve been in some kind of mental blockade…I was empty before fights, depressed, I hated myself…I’m sorry to have disappointed my English fans who welcomed me like a
king. That’s why I want to come out in front of them again. I can’t
turn back time, but my time will come again."

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