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Mayhem Miller Explains ‘No Contest’ Decision Against Jacare Souza At DREAM 9


The host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” television show, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, fought at DREAM 9’s event against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Although Souza had defeated Miller before back in DREAM 4, their rematch bout would be for DREAM’s vacant middleweight title.

At the very start of the fight, both fighters began to test their skills with some boxing which quickly opened up the side of Miller’s right eye.  A few seconds after the small cut, Miller blocked a right kick from Souza which put the Brazilian flat on his back.  Souza, still on the ground, attempted to get up but Miller threw an illegal kick.  The strike opened up a deep cut on the top of Souza’s head and blood began to gush out.  The referee immediately stopped the fight to have doctors check on the open wound.    The cut was temporarily stable as Souza was sent back in to continue fighting Miller.  Seconds later, the fight was stopped again as a heavy amount of blood came pouring over Miller’s chest and Souza’s face.

Miller was given a yellow card immediately after striking Souza because it was illegal to kick an opponent on the ground.  The referee ruled the fight a “No Contest” which means a rematch is expected to happen later this year.  We’ll have to wait until Souza is fully recovered…

Here’s what we found on Miller’s Twitter:

“Got too hyped and punted Jacare in his head Wanderlei Silva style. Got deemed a ‘No Contest’ they hold the belt for a rematch. Dammit.”

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