Matt Hughes To Fight Mauricio Shogun In June?

If this was an April fool’s day joke, then Matt Hughes certainly got me good.  I bumped into this post a few moments ago and it’s not April 1st anymore, so it wouldn’t count.

Anyway, the strange news is that Matt Hughes has posted something in his blog that nobody would ever believe.  However, anything can happen and if the UFC actually agrees…it would be a bizarre, yet maybe an interesting fight.  How would Hughes look at 205?  It’s really hard to picture him in that weight class, but check out his blog post:

First off, I wanted to wish Tommy good luck for his fight tomorrow
night. He’s got some photos from when he was training at the gym posted
on his website. So, if you haven’t seen those yet, you can check them
out at
.Well, for a long time I’ve talked about going up in weight class and
I’ve decided to finally do it. Only I’m not going up to 185, I’m going
up to 205 to fight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in June. I’m bulking up now
and packing on muscle and I’m thinking that it will be nice to not have
to cut weight for a change. I think it’s a great match-up for me and
I’ve told Dana that if I win this, then I want a shot at the 205 title

Sorry for the short blog this week, I’m here in Colorado helping Tommy
get ready for his fight, so I’ll try to have more for you all next
week. I just wanted to break the big news.

(from Matt Hughes’ blog)

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