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Lil Nog To Keep UFC 119 Fight Against Ryan Bader On His Feet; Focused On Boxing, Muay Thai and Takedown Defense

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UFC light heavyweight fighter Antonio Rogerio ‘Lil Nog’ Nogueira is currently training for one of the biggest fights in his mixed martial arts career as he faces Ryan ‘Darth’ Bader as part of the upcoming UFC 119 event.  ‘Lil Nog’ admits that the fight will be very “complicated” because Bader “is too damn strong!”  However, he wants to keep the fight standing up in a goal to stay away from his powerful wrestling skills.

From Lil Nog:

“I have not seen many of his fights, the UFC has taken the videos off the internet, but from what  I saw, the guy has good wrestling and tries to take you down then work the ground and pound. He should arrive in very good physical condition and he is too damn strong! It is a fight that probably will last the distance, I have to train everything, I have to train all situations because we do not know what he will do. We want to stand and not take it down, I will not pull guard and I will fight on foot, so then have to train everything: boxing, Muay Thai, some kicks and defences to prevent his wrestling entries. It is very complicated.”

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