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Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott Weigh-In Results (Street Certified)

Main Fight Card:

Kimbo Slice (234 lbs.)vs. Tank Abbott (263 lbs.)

Antonio "Big Foot" Silva (259.75 lbs.) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (262.75 lbs.)

Scott Smith (184 lbs.) vs. Kyle Noke (184.75 lbs.)

James Thompson (253 lbs.) vs. Brett Rogers (264 lbs.)

Edson Berto (158.25 lbs.) vs. Yves Edwards (160 lbs.)

Preliminary Fight Card:

Rafael Feijao (204.5 lbs.) vs. John Doyle (203.25 lbs.)

Jon Kirk (183 lbs.)  vs. Yosmany
Cabezas (184.25 lbs.)

Dave Herman (242.5 lbs.)  vs. Mario
Rinaldi (260.5 lbs.)

Eric Bradley (169.75 lbs.) vs. Mikey Gomez (170 lbs.)

Mike Berhard (169.5 lbs.) vs. Lorenzo Borgameo (170 lbs.)

Jirka Hlavaty (210) vs. Moyses Gabin (203.75)

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