Cheick Kongo Talks Trash, Cro Cop Responds

Mirko Cro Cop recently left the UFC and is now headed back
to Japan where he will be fighting other top mixed martial artists at a new organization
called DREAM.  Mirko’s dream of acquiring the UFC heavyweight belt has
been temporarily placed on hold until he gets back into that mental and physical
"I’m goin’ to whoop that ass"  state of mind, Rampage

Until  that time comes, we can only sit and watch him fight outside of the
cage and cross our fingers for a quick return.  Cheick Kongo was the last
UFC fighter who pretty much pushed Cro Cop off the edge and defeated him via a unanimous decision at UFC 75-Champion
vs. Champion.  After Kongo heard that Cro Cop was leaving the UFC, he didn’t hesitate to leave Cro Cop a message when he stated the following:

"Cro Cop needs some juices and there he can use them without getting in

At Mirko’s personal blog, he replied to Kongo’s message as he felt that the Frenchman was being unprofessional and what he said
was relatively unsportsmanlike.  Here was Cro Cop’s response:

"I have a message for Kongo. Listen, I though that you are a sportsman, a
professional like everyone else in this sport. You were lucky enough to fight
against me during the deepest crisis of my career. You probably ate a lot of
vegetables and potatoes to look like that? I’ll be back in the cage and I hope
you will be in the opposite corner. Then we’ll see for how long you’ll be able
to talk."

Other fighters were asked about Mirko’s situation and most of them had a few good things to say including Bas Rutten (the coach to Kimbo Slice who is preparing him for tonight’s main event at EliteXC’s Street Certified).  He stated:

"I feel bad to hear that he is leaving because I really
wanted to see the Cro Cop that I knew from
Japan because I think that he
wasn’t the same Cro Cop in the UFC, so I can understand if he wants to go to
another organization. God Speed!!"

Best of luck to Cro Cop out there in Japan as we wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do.  Hopefully he’ll be back better to the U.S. kicking some butt and taking names like the good old days.

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