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Kimbo Slice To Be A Part Of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Season


The Miami-based internet street fighter, Kimbo Slice, has decided to accept UFC President Dana White’s offer to try out The Ultimate Fighter.  He’ll have a shot to prove to the world whether or not he is good enough to be a part of the UFC.  Kimbo was chosen to be one of 16 contestants to participate in the upcoming Ultimate Fighter season 10, which began filming on June 1st.

Kimbo Slice (real name is Kevin Ferguson) has been insulted in every way by Dana White for his lack of true mixed martial arts skills.  Slice is fully aware of White’s mocking comments and respects his personal opinion.  However, Slice seems to have matured since being a part of the sport with his early career in Strikeforce and understands the skills required to become a professional fighter.  He accepts the challenge ahead of him and is eager to give it a shot.

Snip from Dana White:

“It should be interesting, given some of the things I’ve said about him”

Snip from Kimbo Slice himself:

“This is an opportunity to prove myself, being a mixed martial artist and coming from the backyard, coming from being a street fighter and all.  It’s time to step my game up.  A lot of people out there had a lot of questions like ‘If I could fight mixed martial arts?’  You know like ‘how is my ground game?’ and all the bull$hit.  But I’m coming in to prove myself, I’m coming in to kick ass and take names.  I just want to continue feeding myself and my family, that’s what it’s all about…DW (Dana White) can say whatever the [expletive] he wants…Like I said, as far as I’m concerned, the greatest revenge, to my knowledge, is success.  That’s the only thing I’ve got to say about that.  I don’t care about the $hit talking, I don’t care about the $hit talkers.  Whoever you are, if you wanna see me, see me.  So evidently, he wasn’t willing to step to the plate, but he’s going to put me up against whoever and that’s how I look at it.  Put his best man in there.  If I gotta run through whoever I gotta run through, just to prove myself, then that’s what I gotta do.  I gotta eat, I gotta eat in some way, I gotta feed my family.  I’m hungry out there and there’s a recession, there’s a recession going on.”

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