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Kimbo Slice Ready To Start Boxing Career, Would Not Mind Fighting James Toney

The former MMA/Internet street fighter Kimbo Slice is currently training for another combat sport that does not involve bare knuckles nor fingerless 4 to 6 ounce gloves.  That’s right, Kimbo will be officially entering the world of boxing.  Although there is no word on his first opponent, he tells media that he’ll be willing to fight just about anyone, even former UFC one-time fighter James ‘Lights Out’ Toney.

From Kimbo Slice:

“I never heard anything about me fighting James Toney, but you know, like I said, again, I’ll fight anybody, man. C’mon, everybody knows that about me from my street-fighting days. Put anybody in front of me, train me to be the best, I’ll fight the best. That’s one thing about Kimbo Slice that everybody knows.”

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