Joe Rogan Expresses his Thoughts on Randy Couture

After hearing that Randy Couture  retired yesterday, many fans have had mixed feelings toward Randy’s sudden move to retire.  When Randy heard the breaking news of Fedor Emelianenko signing with M-1 rather than the UFC, Randy felt that his chance to fight the #1 heavyweight just wasn’t meant to be.  He had one more accomplishment left in his career and that was to fight the current Russian Pride champion.

However, Joe Rogan (UFC’s announcer and host of ‘UFC Wired’) feels that Randy retired not only after hearing about Fedor signing with M-1, but there was something “deeper than that.”

Here’s a snip from Joe Rogan and what he had to say about Randy’s retirement:

“I was working on UFC Wired today when I heard about it. First I
thought Randy just decided to retire when he heard Fedor signed with
another organization, but then after reading his quotes it obviously
runs much deeper than that. I have no idea who makes what, but I do
know that I’m honored to have had the chance to know Randy and I feel
very fortunate to have had the chance to watch him compete. He is a
very rare human being, the kind that comes along only once or twice in
a lifetime. He’s one of the few people that I’ve ever come across
that’s both a kind hearted, friendly, happy guy, and a furious,
relentless competitor. He’s also one of the rare human beings that
fully maximizes his potential in his pursuits. I sincerely hope that
there’s a way that they can work all this out, but if not, all I can
say is that I learned a lot just watching him perform, and I feel very
fortunate to have met him.”

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