Tim Sylvia: ‘I’m now just ready to get back in there and fight again’

Tim Sylvia had surgery not too long ago on his back, but that’s not going to to stop Sylvia from getting back into the octagon.  Tim understands that nobody is invincible and sometimes you have to learn from your losses in order to improve your fighting game.  He learned from his last loss to Randy Couture and discovered a few holes he had in his game.  Through intense training and analyzing his past fight videos, he has been able to block up the holes he once had and use that to prevent future mistakes.  Immediately after his back surgery, this is what Sylvia had to say:

“Surgery obviously went well, or I wouldn’t have taken this fight because Brandon’s a tough guy…Surgery went awesome.  As soon as I came out of anesthesia, I jumped out of bed.  The nurse told me to settle down, but I couldn’t because the pain was all gone… I’m now just ready to get back in there and fight again.”

Sylvia doesn’t just want to fight now and take a big break again.  He says he wants to fight more consistently and he also feels that he deserves his belt back.  Here’s another snip of what he had to say about his goals in 2008:

“I want to get get another fight as soon as possible…Win or lose, as long as I come out healthy, I want to fight as early in 2008.”

At this point, Sylvia just has to come out there at UFC 77 and win.  He has to prove to Dana White that he is still one of the most dangerous men in the heavyweight division.  Now that Randy recently retired, the spot for the title has been re-opened.  Who will be the next champion?  Sylvia feels that he deserves to be at the top again, but he’ll have to start by getting the undefeated Brandon Vera out of his way, which will certainly not be easy.  Make sure to watch UFC 77-Hostile territory as they battle it out on October 20th.

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