Is MMA becoming what we hated most about Boxing???


UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion was once again a spectacular event.  This UFC event made approximately 2.7 million dollars and was sold out once again in England with 16,235 people in attendance.  The performance by all fighters was undoubtedly action-packed including the first unification match ever in the history of MMA between 2 warriors, Rampage Jackson and Dan Henderson.   Both of them fought their hearts out to obtain that belt, but in the end Rampage proved to be the better fighter. We give both of these guys all of the credit as they definitely kept us in our seats throughout all 5 rounds.

With all that said, there was one HUGE disappointment at UFC 75 that will of course stay in the record books for as long as MMA exists.  Did Michael Bisping really win the fight against Matt Hamill?

Unforunately, there seems to always be some sort of corruption within sports.  What many of us hated about boxing seems to be infecting mixed martial arts with that same disease.  No matter how many times we look at the fight, Matt Hamill seems to win every single time.  2 out of the 3 judges gave the fight to Bisping as he won via split decision, but was it a fair decision?

Props to as they were able to interview Cecil Peoples, one of the judges who gave Bisping the edge:

“I gave Bisping the second round, first because Hamill was beginning to run out of gas after the first round. Bisping fought like he
wanted that fight. He came back aggressive. Hamill did take him down, but he did nothing with the takedown. Overall, Bisping was more aggressive. Hamill just held him down. Bisping’s punching was more effective.”

Please do not ask me if he was being serious because I think he was looking at another fight.  When I hear a judge saying something like this, especially when has a voting poll where 90% of the fans voted for Hamill over Bisping…you have to realize that something had to be wrong with the decision!  I understand that Bisping kept moving and that he tried to come back, but Matt Hamill was the aggressor the entire fight.  “Bisping’s punching was more effective”???  Bisping’s face clearly looked more damaged while Hamill looked just fine.  Hamill out-boxed, out-wrestled and simply dominated at least 2 of the 3 rounds even though I thought it was all 3.

Hamill was 3-0 before the fight started and that 1 loss will be a scar that can’t ever be erased for him.  Sadly, thats how some things are in sports but hopefully Dana White will see this as something to prevent for the future of MMA.  We would like to hear your take on this…



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