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Gracie Hunter is fully loaded…

May 1, 2000 was the first time Kazushi Sakuraba (picture on left- faced Royce Gracie in a 15 minute, unlimited round fight, which lasted 90 minutes.  How the hell did they fight for that long?!

Saku kept beating on Royce while Royce had a few submission opportunities.  In the end, since we all know the Gracies will NEVER tap out for their life, Royce Gracie’s team was forced to throw in the towel.  The match showed the great skills these two guys possessed 7 years ago.

Both of these fighters are very well known for their superb ground
skills.  However, Sakuraba has proven to many that his unique and
entertaining acrobatic skills have been sufficient to beat up the
entire Gracie family including Ryan and Renzo Gracie.  Sakuraba (age 37) spent most of his career in Japan with Pride FC, while Royce Gracie (age 40) was known for his skillful submissions in the UFC cage.

Sakuraba is finally cleared by the California state Athletic Commission, so this fight is good to go!  This Saturday, June 2nd, the two veteran fighters will face a second time, but this time, it will be held in California at the K-1 Hero’s Dynamite USA event.

Will Sakuraba continue being considered the “Gracie Hunter” or will Royce do his family a favor by erasing the nickname given to Sakuraba and finish him once and for all??

Sakuraba has always been fun to watch throughout his entire career at Pride.  He always comes out wearing some sort of costume or mask…I wonder what he’ll surprise us with this time.

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