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K-1 Dynamite USA: no more REAL main event

Some of us were really looking forward to watching Hong Man Choi (K-1 record is 1-0) who was taken out of the fight card for medical reasons on Saturday night’s K-1 Dynamite USA event.  The 7 foot 2 inch South Korean was supposed to face former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar. 

Lesnar is also fighting for the very first time as an MMA athlete, but he will make his debut this Saturday against Korean Judo specialist Min Soo Kim (record is 2-5-0).  I was really excited when I heard Brock Lesnar was going to face the "Techno Giant".  After seeing his first fight, it gave me the chills, haha.  The dude is a monster!!!  It would have been interesting to watch this fight, but either way…I am still looking forward to watching Lesnar’s MMA moves.  The card still looks pretty good, especially since Kazushi Sakuraba is still facing Royce Gracie. 

You guys HAVE to check Choi in action against Nigerian professional kickboxer Bobby Ologun (K-1 record is 2-1).  Bobby doesn’t look too professional here, but who could blame him.  Stay tuned for Choi’s next matchup…whenever that may be. 
Watch this:

K-1  Bobby Ologun vs Hong-Man Choi
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