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Former NFL Teammate Says TUF 10 Fighter Marcus Jones Has Unbelievable Strength

Marcus Jones football

From Marcus Jones’ former Tampa Bay Buccaneer teammate Ian Beckles (props to

“He says that MMA is his passion, and I believe him. He loves it. To go out there every day and practice like they do, and for his body to already be beat up and having taken those kinds of beatings, you have to love it. Because he doesn’t need the money. That’s for sure. Intimidation is hard in football. Some guys that look like Tarzan, play like Jane. But that wasn’t his case. He was so strong. I remember being in the weight room, and at the time, I was the strongest guy on the team. I could bench press 500 pounds, and Marcus went in there and bounced 500 pounds off his chest five times. So, he was so much stronger than everybody it was silly. He’s definitely a freak of nature. Being a good fighter is great, but you’ve got to have the personality. I think he has the look, obviously. He’s very imposing. When you watch that show, those guys are kind of scared of him. They’re scared of his power, and I understand that. I think he’s very marketable, because he’s got that big teddy bear kind of feel to him, but he can be a beast as well.”

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