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Fedor Emelianenko Signs with M-1, NOT With the UFC

Fedor Emelianenko seems to have signed with M-1, a top mixed martial arts organization held in Russia.  M-1 has been recently purchased by a company that is already involved with an American entertainment industry, which immediately went after Fedor in a goal to build up their organization’s reputation worldwide.

M-1 plans to continue setting up events in Russia and as a next step, they look to spread to Japan and the United States as they are areas of high MMA involvement.  A U.S. event is planned as early as New Year’s Eve, less than 3 months away.

We all wanted Fedor to come and fight in the UFC, but it is sad to say that the dream of him signing with the American organization may actually never happen.  At least we’ll finally get to see him fight again as he hasn’t been very active.  M-1 is also a great organization and if it gets popular in the United States, we might even have a chance to attend one of his bouts.  He’s definitely worth watching no matter where he is fighting.

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