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Fedor Emelianenko Interview on Samurai TV: “I don’t think I’m the best now but I`m trying to be”

Interview below:

Q: You have not been to Japan for a long time.
: I’m glad to be here in Japan again.  I knew I would come back for all of my fans in Japan.

How did you know you can fight on NYE?
Fedor: Vadim
asked me if I’m interested in it and I accepted the offer immediately.  I
would like to prepare well for the fight and would like to have an
exciting fight.
Q: Do you have any comment to former PRIDE staff?
Fedor: I
don’t think this is the last event I work with them.  M-1 Global has a
business plan to hold events starting next year.  M-1 Global is
actually approaching them and asking to support their events.  I
believe M-1 Global will cooperate with former PRIDE employees to create
great events like PRIDE had before in Japan.
Q: Why did you choose M-1 Global?
Fedor: M-1
Global is formed by trustworthy staff and we agreed to create the best
MMA event.  I accepted because M-1 Global is going to have an event in
Japan, Russia and the Netherlands as well as in the U.S.
Q: Who would you like to fight?
Fedor: I
would like to fight champions in other MMA organization like Randy
Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga and champions of UFC, Cage Rage and IFL etc.
Q: What is the definition of the strongest fighter for you?
Fedor: The
strongest fighter should be able to defeat all the opponents, respect
other fighters, understand circumstances and communicate well with
Q: Do you think you are the best now?
Fedor: I don’t think I’m the best now but I`m trying to be. 

Do you have any message to your fans?
I’m happy to have a fight in Japan again.  I train hard to win and please come and see my fight.
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