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Cage Rage Being Sued by Zuffa

Cage Rage is being sued by Zuffa for their advertising.  They had put the words “Ultimate Cage Fighting” within their advertisements.  These ads were placed all over England simply describing the MMA sport that is seen today inside a cage.

Andy Geer defended his case by stating, “Yes it’s true, we are being sued by Zuffa”.  But it’s also true we are defending the case. The UFC/Zuffa
rely on bullying people with their high priced lawyers but they have
picked a fight here that they cannot win.”

Geer also went on to say that “The
sport in the UK is commonly referred to as ‘Ultimate Fighting…So yes, we promote Ultimate Fighting events. No one can
trademark or copyright the term ‘Ultimate Fighting’ in the UK. It has
been deemed a generic term, therefore Cage Rage and anyone else in the
UK is free to use it. Case closed.”

It seems like Zuffa wants to really defend its UFC trademark all over the world, especially in England where the MMA competition continues as long as Cage Rage exists.  UFC will be holding UFC-75 in London, England where they are trying to make it the most dominant company for MMA.
The pressure is on for Cage Rage with Cage Rage 22- Hard As Hell, the next event held this Saturday, July 14.

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