Chuck Liddell Not Fighting Wanderlei Silva

According to Dana White, he has been trying to make Chuck Liddell fight Wanderlei Silva for a few years now.  Fans all over the world have been wanting this fight to happen for the longest, but has never happened due to financial disagreements.

Dana says that Wanderlei’s managers continue to deny such a request and it seems almost unlikely for this “dream fight” to ever occur.

There was a scheduled date for this match to occur on September 22 of 2007 at Anaheim, California.  The deadline was this Wednesday and none of the parties were able to come to an agreement.

The only time in MMA history where both of these Light Heavyweight champions had a chance to meet was in Pride’s 2003 Middleweight Grand Prix.  Unfortunately, Chuck Liddell lost to Rampage Jackson and the “dream fight” between Chuck and Wanderlei never occurred.  Rampage Jackson ended up fighting Wanderlei in the Finals where Wanderlei was crowned King of Kings of all Middleweights around the world.

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