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Brett Rogers Slowly Adapting To Media Attention For His Fight Against Fedor Emelianenko

Brett Rogers and Fedor

Brett “The Grim” Rogers is currently preparing for one of the biggest fights in his mixed martial arts career as he faces Fedor Emelianenko on November 7th.  This upcoming main event fight has been a “surreal experience” according to Rogers as he talks about getting used to cameras and media following him around everywhere he goes.  From training to eating meals with his family, this is what Rogers thinks about the attention:

“The hardest part has been having someone (camera persons) on the mat during training that I CAN’T hit. Normally, the rule is, if you’re on the mat, you’re fair game to get some. It’s been fun to share my story. I feel that I am living the American success story. And I hope that others can take some level of inspiration from it. I am really looking forward to seeing the show, but to be honest, I won’t be in the right frame of mind next week to really enjoy it. I’ll have to go back and watch it in a couple of weeks to digest it all. The film crew has been here for more than five days. I tell you, it is a surreal experience to have the world watching you, watching me do what my fight team and I have been doing for five years in relative obscurity day in and day out. All of a sudden, to have my life become worthy of this attention is amazing, shocking almost. But we are having fun with it. We’ve had various training partners roll through the past few days and it’s been odd to explain what the cameras are doing here. They aren’t expecting it. The first few days the crew was here, it was a bit suffocating. To have them shadow me through my every move, not just in training, but at home with my family, during meals, everywhere. After a few days, though, I kind of got used to it.”

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