Brandon Vera is back!

Brandon “The Truth” Vera will finally be coming back to the UFC after a huge absence.  Many UFC fans have been waiting for the longest to see this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt master once again.

Vera was 4-0 in the UFC and his overall MMA record stands at 8-0.  He was considered one of the toughest Heavyweight contenders in the league, but after beating Frank Mir at UFC 65, we never heard from him again.

There were a few rumors of Vera leaving the UFC and signing up with another organization such as Bodog and EliteXC.

However, the Flipino-American had a lot going on aside from his MMA career including the firing of his manager, Mark Dion.  Now that the rumors are all cleared up, we can finally say that he will be staying in the UFC.

Dana White feels that Vera will be ready around October, possibly participating at UFC-77.  There are good possiblities that Vera will probably fight either Tim Sylvia or Andrei Arlovski with how things are going.  Expect to see more Heavyweight competition in the future months to come.

It’s good to see Brandon Vera back once again!

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