NEW Interview: Wanderlei Silva will live in Florida

Great news for all UFC and Wanderlei Silva fans!!!

Silva seems more than happy to come live and train in the United States.  He has been training with Randy Couture to help him out with a few chute boxing techniques as he faces Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74-Respect for the Heavyweight Championship belt.

Silva is impressed with how the UFC has treated him and feels great.  After losing to Dan Henderson at Pride 33, he has taken his time off to rest and sell his personal things in Brazil in order to move his life toward the new world of MMA, the U.S.

We found an interview provided by Sherdog where Silva talks about his movement toward West Palm Beach, Florida.  He plans on possibly training in Nevada as well as in Florida and he wants to start his own academy where he can train students who are interested in chute boxing.

His future goals also include a fight against Chuck Liddell…a fight many MMA fans have been waiting a very long time for.  This can finally happen IF they can come to an agreement.

Here is the interview with Wanderlei Silva as he talks about his future in the U.S.
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