MMA and UFC Results

Strikeforce at the Playboy Mansion Fighter Salaries

Main Fight Card Payouts:

Gilbert Melendez defeats Tetsuji Kato
(Melendez gets $30,000 and Kato gets $6,000)

Joe Riggs defeats Eugene Jackson
(Riggs gets $29,500 and Jackson gets $15,000)

Bobby Southworth defeats Bill Mahood
(Southworth gets $20,000 and Manhood gets $1,000)

Josh Thomson defeats Adam Lynn
(Thomson gets $24,500 and Lynn gets $6,000)

Falaniko Vitale defeats Ron Fields
(Vitale gets $20,000 and Fields gets $7,000)

Jorge Masvidal defeats Matt Lee
(Masvidal gets $18,182.50 and Lee gets $1,000)

Daniel Puder defeats Richard Dalton
(Puder gets $20,000 and Dalton gets $3,000)

Billy Evangelista defeated Clint Coronel
(Evangelista gets $6,000 and Coronel gets $3,000)

Dewey Cooper defeated Adam Smith
(Cooper gets $500 and Smith gets $500)

Luke Stewart defeats Sam Liera
(Stewart gets $7,500 and Liera gets $3,000)

Anthony Figueroa defeats Miguel Linares
(Figueroa gets $2,000 and Linares gets $1,500)

Daniel McWilliams defeats Eddie Mills
(McWilliams gets $1,000 and Mills gets $4,000)

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