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Wanderlei Silva Prepared To Face Rich Franklin At UFC 99, Talks Anderson Silva and Octagon Training


Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is just about ready for his upcoming main event fight against Rich Franklin at UFC 99.  Silva wants to put up a good show as always, but understands the importance of winning this Saturday night in Cologne, Germany.  The former PrideFC champion feels confident coming into this fight as he has been training non-stop over at the Wand Fight Team Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Silva talks about the possibility of fighting Anderson “The Spider” Silva sometime down the road.  He admits that a fight against his former sparring partner would be extremely difficult, but he thinks that he would be able to defeat the current UFC middleweight champion if given the chance.  Both of them know their fight game inside out including both of their advantages and disadvantages.

Snip from Wanderlei Silva (props to

“I need to (win). Every time I want to give the great show. I like to shake the emotions. This sport, you need to (win). For me, personally, (win) or lose, it no matter. I like the emotion this sport has. But this time I need to fight for (win). I really need this…He’s a tough guy. He’s complete. He’s good on the ground; very, very good stand-up. I think him and I are going to have a very exciting fight…Every time I’m fighting against the rope. I’m going, going. I never give up…Of course everyone want to fight the champion. I want to fight with him…Maybe now, after I pass Rich, it’s possible I fight for the champion. I want to fight Anderson…Of course, I would have a lot of emotion (fighting him) cause I train with him a lot of times and I know his faults and he know my faults. I trained a lot after he leave. He train a lot. But I see him fight many, many times; maybe I know what I need to know to beat him…Before, I change too much my life. I go from my old gym, I move here. Now I don’t have more excuse because I have the gym, I have the coach, I have the sparrings, I have it all…I’m training very well to fight in Octagon. I like to fight in Octagon. Now I am training full time in Octagon. I have the technique with the fence for to help me in the fight.”

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