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Video Game Developers Answer Questions and Talk Improvements For UFC Undisputed 2010

Game developers held a special Q&A session at the official UFC Undisputed Community Forum, check out what they had to say below:

What’s the downside of disrespecting your opponent in Career Mode?

Well, it’s not a negative… it’s more of a wing of consequences.  We have this faction relationship – each fighter is associated with a camp.  Disrespecting a fighter affects your popularity and it can affect your association with different camps.  It’s more of a strategy than a flat out positive and negative.  We didn’t want to make a system where the obvious choice was to always respect a fighter, because that would be very close ended…. So we wanted to give different motivations for respecting and disrespecting.

Will the game make you retire in career like in 2009?

It does yes, but the length of the career has been extended from 7 to 12 years.

For the voices for your CAF, how many exactly are there?

There are 5 voices.

Can certain slams and throws from body clinch be countered into submissions again? Or are the parameters of this happening less predictable or even unscripted?

No.  When we went with the unified grappling system we tried to not only adopt the control scheme that the ground uses but also the general rules that govern the ground system as well… and that’s just something that didn’t exist on the ground (being able to reverse a transition into a submission) so we took it out of the standing clinching.  So reversing a standing clinch gains you a positional advantage, but it doesn’t automatically initiate a submission.

In Undisputed 2009, weak attacks — jabs, straights, weak leg/body kicks, etc — did NOT interrupt stronger attacks.  On the contrary, a stronger attack that took a larger frame count to execute would interrupt weaker attacks.  Has this system been changed in 2010?

That system still exists now.  We didn’t want to introduce a system where weak attacks beat strong attacks, because that would have introduced a hierarchy that we weren’t interested in exploring.  But weak attacks definitely have a purpose in the game.  I don’t want to explicitly say how I think weak attacks should be used, because I have faith that the Community will figure out the use for them.  The savvier players will understand where you can integrate the weak attacks in conjunction with the sway system to maximize their benefit.

In Undisputed 2010, players can now catch their opponent’s kick and decide what they want to do.  If the player who caught the leg opts for a takedown, is his takedown then unstoppable?


Will leg kicks be more effective?  Is there going to be very visible damage on the body of the fighters, like continuous body kicks will start to bruise the ribs and leg kicks to the thighs?

Yes.  In Undisputed 2010 attacks to the head are extremely important, as is true in real life. What we’ve done to the body and legs is introduce a system called Critical Damage.  As you incur more damage to these areas, your fighter gets penalized in performance.  Once you’ve incurred critical damage, these penalties get very severe.  So as your fighter’s legs are hurt, the damage you can inflict with your own kicks are lessened, as is your movement.  Also, your propensity to be taken down is increased.  Eventually the damage of all of your attacks is lessened.  You will see this accumulated damage show up on your fighter’s body.

You guys mentioned something about a benefit for participating in online camps (aside from actually getting experience against humans), what would this benefit be?

This is going to be discussed in more detail in the future.  Without going into too much detail now, we’ll just say that you receive an additional value to one of the existing Career Mode elements.

How much will you be updating fighter stats/ records?  For instance, Yushin okami jsut showed some wicked striking skills his last fight. will you be upgrading his striking in the game? Or will you be changing anyone as time goes by based on their recent performances in the Octagon?

We don’t have a fixed schedule yet, but we plan on updating them where appropriate.  I hesitate to say we’ll be updating after every single fight, but when there is a strong enough case for stats to be updated, we will do it.

Who are the Octagon Girls in the game?

Arianny and Chandella.

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