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UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva: “I Would Never Face Lyoto Machida”

Machida vs Silva

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is coming off a spectacular victory over the former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.  Immediately after his win, fans from all over the world have been pushing for a superfight between Silva and Lyoto “The Dragaon” Machida.  Silva has stated many times that he considers Machida as probably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.  He also mentioned the fact that he would never fight Machida because they are really good friends and they will always respect their “code of honor.”  Nonetheless, UFC President Dana White says he is willing to convince both champions to meet in the octagon sometime down the road.

Could it ever happen??

From Anderson “The Spider” Silva:

“I consider Forrest (Griffin) to be a great fighter, a tough guy and there’s nothing bad I can say about him. Thank God I was better, I trained a lot and everything went my way. Of course I would never face Lyoto (Machida). There’s no point in even asking. We have a code of honor and, besides being friends, we’re like brothers. It will never happen. I seek to work hard and seriously. I’m far from being the best in the world. I carry on working hard and serious to keep up the good results. That comes from lots of work and I intend to keep it up, to keep on winning.”

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