UFC 87: Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta

In one of the most anticipated lightweight fights of the year, the UFC has officially announced the fight many of us have been waiting for.  Kenny Florian and Roger "El Matador" Huerta will be facing one of the toughest challenges in their MMA career.

Florian will be coming into this fight with a 4-fight winning streak after he defeated top UFC names including Alvin Robinson, Din Thomas, Dokonjonosuke Mishima and his most recent win against Joe Lauzon.  Florian has been given the chance to fight one of UFC’s biggest names in the lightweight division.  Eventually, this fight had to happen and it is finally set for the UFC 87 event in August.

In a recent interview with Huerta, he had mentioned the fact that he wasn’t really planning on fighting any time soon.  However, he was willing to take the fight if Dana White and the UFC wanted him in that fight card.  El Matador is well known for his explosiveness both standing and on the ground.  The iron-chinned lightweight contender has won 11 of his last MMA fights.  Roger plans to keep the streak going as he is now extremely close at having his title shot in the UFC lightweight division.

Ladies and gentleman, this bout seems too good to be true.   A must-see fight is set for August and we’ll keep everyone informed on how the fight card takes shape once we acquire more info on the event.

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