UFC 78: Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans

Well the UFC has pretty much told us that Rashad Evans will NOT be taking on Tito Ortiz for the rematch fight we expected.  This is also telling us that Michael Bisping won’t be fighting Matt Hamill to settle that huge controversy we all wanted to watch.  However, it does seem that Evans will be taking on Bisping according to the UFC and this fight does sound pretty interesting.

Rashad Evans continues to be undefeated with an impressive record of 10-0-1, but Michael Bisping challenges that 10-0 record and shows him a 14-0 record.  Both fighters are still undefeated, so it won’t be easy for either one to win.  Who will get their first loss?  We can only wait and see as they are officially fighting in Newark, New Jersey at UFC 78-Validation.  The fight card seems to be shaping up a bit with a month and a half in advance.

We’ll keep you guys posted with further news, rumors and updates on UFC 78!

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