UFC 77: Interview With Anderson Silva

Anderson  Silva just came back from the Black House, the gym he normally trains at, located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  He has been training with top notch Brazilian coaches and continues to work his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his teammate, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the former Pride Heavyweight Champion and current UFC Heavyweight contender.

Silva understands how important this next fight will be as he will look to defend his title to the man he took the belt from exactly 1 year ago-Rich Franklin .  Silva respects Franklin as a professional athlete, but he also believes that he deserves to keep his belt.  In the interview you are about to read, Silva states that  “it will be hard to take this belt from me” at UFC 77-Hostile Territory.

Here is the exclusive interview with Anderson Silva:

Q – How is your training for your fight with Rich Franklin?

Anderson Silva – As usual I have been training hard. I know he’s been expecting this rematch for a long time and I am training to not be surprised in the octagon. My thing is training and be sure it will be hard to take this belt from me. This last week I was in Rio de Janeiro training at Black House to sharpen my game even more.

Q – What do you think about his game?

Anderson Silva – I think he is an excellent fighter and he has been showing he wants to return to the top. I believe he has been training harder then ever. He has been collecting important victories and I am sure it will be a great fight.

Q – Will we see a new Anderson in the octagon against Franklin?

Anderson Silva – Well, there are always few things new. I am focused to impose my game and I believe he is focused in correcting his mistakes.

Q – You are also training with Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira

Anderson Silva – Yes. Rodrigo is such a tough guy and we are also training together to take the right path. His goal is gaining his belt, mine is retaining. So we have been doing the best we can to reach our goals. More than sparring, we are friends in every situation.

Q – You fought at Pride and then switched to the octagon, first at Cage Rage and then at UFC. What is going on with Pride champions, who are having a hard time in the UFC like Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua…

Anderson Silva – I believe those things happen… Nobody is a champion forever. Talking about Shogun, in the same way he got defeated, other champions already lost too. I’ve lost too. And I am sure if I keep fighting I eventually will lose too. Every time you enter in the ring or in the octagon you are subject to win or lose. So, the secret is digest the loss and keep training to return well. Shogun is a complete fighter and now he needs peace and training to deal with the bad situation.

Q – And about Lyoto Machida? What did you think about his fight with Nakamura?

Anderson Silva – I though it was excellent. Lyoto is on fire! He has been showing all the good qualities need to be a great champion. He is the right place in the UFC. We train together also and we do whatever it takes to help each other… Lyoto, me and Vitor Belfort, all from Black House.

Q – Wanderlei Silva returns to UFC in the end of the year. He has been living in US and doing his preparation in there. How do you think this return will be?

Anderson Silva – Everything depends on who is behind the athlete’s training, if he is well sponsored by a physical trainer with someone to correct and point his mistakes. As I said, we are in a constant evolution. I don’t have too much to say about Wanderlei. He was for a long time the king of his division and like him or not, every body must recognize his value. He made history and still does! I want him to do a great return at the UFC. The event needs someone like him. I wish him luck and I hope he gets what he wants.

Q – Paulão Filho owns the 83kg belt of WEC. And a remote fight between you and him may happen. What do you think about it?

Anderson Silva – Paulão and I are very good friends. I owe Paulão too much because he helped me out when I was living by myself in Korea. It was such a hard time for me. So I thank Paulão, Zé Mario, Rodrigo and Rogério for the support. But if we may meet in the ring, we are both professionals and we will do a great show. I rather I don’t need to fight him, because we are very good friends. I root for him and I admire his ground skills. I am a fan.

Q – Tell me about your new team.

Anderson Silva – It’s called Killer Bee Muay Thai College. It’s a new team we’ve created and have been working in partnership with Black House. KBMTC is formed by me, Vidal, Diógenes… I believe we have been doing a great job. We also defend Black House and show we are united. This is what really matters. I still represent Black House because besides training together, they are my friends.

Q – Tell me more about Killer Bee Muay Thai College

Anderson Silva – I’ve created this brand a while ago. So I have been using this name Muay Thai College. So, my intention is working on it and creating a great Martial Arts School.

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