UFC 74: Gabriel Gonzaga trains for Randy Couture

Gabriel Gonzaga is only focusing on ONE thing…taking out Randy Couture one way or another! 

UFC 74-Respect is right around the corner and he feels very focused.  This what he says (according to Yahoo Sports):

  Randy Couture is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. When Randy won, we stood and applauded him like everyone else. Just to have the opportunity to compete against him is a tremendous honor.  You can’t treat this any differently than any other fight. Once the match starts he is just another opponent. He has what I want. Once I step into the octagon, he’s just like anyone else I compete against…. I know the fans are probably going to cheer for Randy. That is OK with me. I just hope they appreciate who I am and how hard I fight for them. I know Randy will have the crowd with him, but I’m confident that in time they will appreciate my skills and learn to like me…It doesn’t matter to me how the match finishes. If you want me to predict… I’ll say I win by KO… But I will win whatever way I can. 

Gonzaga talks very confidently about this next fight.  His training has been outstanding according to his coaching staff, but then again…that’s exactly what Randy’s training staff says as well.  There’s only one way to find out, so enjoy Saturday’s main event! 

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