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UFC 100: Michael Bisping To Knock Out Dan Henderson For The First Time In His Career

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UFC middleweight fighter Michael “The Count” Bisping is scheduled to fight Dan “Hollywood” Henderson as part of the UFC 100 main fight card on July 11.  Bisping seems to be feeling very confident coming into this fight and believes that Henderson is a tad too old for the sport now.  He respects Henderson’s fighting skills and his strong Greco-Roman wrestling background, but the UK fighter thinks that it’s his time to shine in the UFC middleweight division.

Henderson has never been knocked out in his mixed martial arts career, but Bisping senses a KO victory in the octagon at UFC 100.

Here’s what Michael Bisping had to say:

“I don’t see Dan Henderson … no disrespect, [but] at 38 years of age, I think he’s got to be slowing down a bit…I don’t think he’s going to catch me with it. … Tune in to see the first time ever Dan Henderson gets knocked out.”

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