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Rampage Jackson Tired of Weird MMA Fans and Offended When People Call Him Mr T

UFC light heavyweight fighter Rampage Jackson talks about how he hates when weird mixed martial arts (MMA) fans come up to him and buy him drinks or take pictures of him as if he were some “hot chick.”  He also doesn’t like it when they shout out Mr. T to him when in reality he is simply Quinton Jackson and not the character he played on ‘The A-Team’ movie.

From Rampage Jackson:

“I love the MMA fans…but now I get a bunch of dudes wanting to buy me drinks and take pictures like I’m a hot chick. They do weird things. Don’t ask me where I live. People slap you on the back real hard—so I have to slap them on the back real hard. Dudes want to hug you. I roll around with sweaty dudes all day, I don’t want to touch no dudes. I don’t even feel pressure playing B.A. Baracus. I could never be Mr. T…but I get offended when people call me Mr. T. I act as a character that Mr. T played. It’s one of my favorite characters in the world. I didn’t try to act like Mr. T. Some people are like, “I like Mr. T better.” I agree with them; I like Mr. T better, too.”

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