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Rampage Jackson Chooses To Fight Rashad Evans Instead of Lyoto Machida For UFC Title Shot


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was next in line to fight the winner of the UFC 98 main event between Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida and Rashad “Sugar” Evans.  With Machida acquiring the light heavyweight belt for the very first time in his UFC career, MMA fans expected another great battle against Rampage next.  Although White had previously stated that Rampage would be the #1 title contender after UFC 98, Rampage decided to fight Evans instead. They’ll have to first coach out separate teams at The Ultimate Fighter 10 season which is set to start filming on June 1st, 2009.

So Rampage decided to fight Evans instead of Machida for the UFC 205-pound belt??  Does he really want to fight Evans that badly?  Is Rampage not ready for the title he once had?  Or is he afraid of Machida?  These are some of the questions MMA fans have begun to ask…

Here’s what Rampage Jackson had to say:

“I had my mind set to fight Evans…I was actually there coaching (at UFC 98) trying to get him to win the fight. I want Evans he got in my face (at UFC 96), right after my fight. That was the wrong time to get in my face.”




    June 1, 2009 at 3:43 am

    I think that if Jackson wants to fight Evans next, its just right! Evans did get in Jacksons face after his fight! Is he afaid of Machida, I don’t think so. He just wants to get payback for the actions of Evans after his fight! {MISSISSIPPI}

  2. andykattt

    June 1, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Bad fight for Rampage. If he loses that will ruin his chances for a title shot or at least lessen the hype. He has nothing to gain but a lot to lose in this fight. Evans is very dangerous and especially after a loss who know what will happen. Rampage will also have what I think, too much time off. But whatever, i will be looking forward to this fight next yr or whenever its going to happen.


    June 3, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Andykattt, I agree 100% with your comment! The only way I see this as a good thing is if they offered Rampage a boat load of money to coach this TUF season 10. If he didn’t get paid a ton, then it definetley is not worth the risk. If he is doing it for Pride, then its a dumb decision.

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