Mirko Cro Cop Undergoes Nose Surgery


Mirko Cro Cop was forced to undergo nose surgery according to a Croatian newspaper.  Here is the translation of the article (props to

Mirko Filipovic was yesterday quite stunned, but it was not because of some punch, it was because of anesthetic.

Mirko decided to go to nose surgery. Doc. dr. sc. Vladimir Bedeković was surgeon who operated Mirko’s septum deviation — this deviation was obstructing intake of oxygen.  Mirko was excellent prepared for every fight, but because of that problem he stayed out of breath in 2nd and 3rd specially.

“When I came to examination and when he saw how closed is my nose canal, surgeon was shocked, he could not beleive that i could be top-line in athlete with that deviation.  It seems that this problem took me 50 % stamina in fights” -said Mirko before he went on surgery.  Fact that he decided to operate his nose tells as that Mitko wants to continue his career with new enthusiasm.”

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