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M-1 Global and Strikeforce Comment On Recent 3-Fight Deal With Fedor Emelianenko

Strikeforce and M1 Global

Although specific details on the recent fight deal between Strikeforce and Fedor Emelianenko were not released to the public, what we do know is that Fedor signed a 3-fight contract and M-1 Global will be co-promoting their brand during events that Fedor is a part of.

Fedor’s Strikeforce debut is being aimed for the Fall of 2009 and it may be aired on CBS, an American television network that fans can watch absolutely free.  It was also mentioned that Strikeforce is not sure whether Fedor would be getting an immediate title shot either.  Nonethless, we’ll be watching Fedor fight for Strikeforce very soon and I am sure many of us will be anxiously waiting for that time to come.

Snip from Chief Operating Officer for M-1 Global Joost Raimond:

“It was a good opportunity…(The co-promotion) is a substantial part. The whole set-up for the deal is to have co-promotion partners, and of course, Fedor is an important part of that construction. But the co-promotion deal is of great importance…All the assumptions flying around about the offer are assumptions made by various people, and are quite unsubstantiated…The financials behind his deal are based on a large number of factors, which include the co-promotion and co-branding activities, and Fedor is a part of that total deal…[In regards to possibly fighting on CBS this Fall] It would seem that way, yes…The timing for that cannot be confirmed.  But of course, because of the broadcasting deals Strikeforce has, these things all become very possible.”

Snip from Senior Executive Vice President for CBS Primetime TV Kelly Kahl:

“This was, quite frankly, a straight Strikeforce deal…I don’t believe anything was represented on the part of CBS. Strikeforce and, I would assume, Showtime, get all the credit…We have a much more international view on the entire business, and Strikeforce is very U.S. domestic oriented, and we have always been much more internationally minded.”

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