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Lyoto Machida On UFC 104 Victory: “I Won Four Rounds and Shogun Took The Last One”

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Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida reflects on his recent UFC 104 unanimous decision victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  Machida went home, pressed the mute button on his television in order to avoid biased commentary, and replayed the UFC 104 main event fight.  The Karate Master believes that he won the first four rounds while Rua only took the fifth and final round.

Thoughts from the UFC 205-pound champion Lyoto Machida:

“I thought it was a very even and tough fight…I had the opportunity to see the fight again and I thought I won four rounds and Shogun took the last one. Some people say he won the fourth and fifth round, but for sure I won at least the first three rounds. The American commentators were pretty much biased. If you see the fight without audio, you will probably see a different fight…Shogun was a great opponent and had a nice strategy. He deserves all my respect as a fighter, but I was superior. I had three or four chances to finish the fight, and he never put me in danger. I didn’t get (dazed) at any moment of the fight, but I put him in danger three or four times. He kicked my legs a couple of times, but he wouldn’t knock me out with that…My leg started to hurt in the fifth round, and I was very upset that I couldn’t knock him out as I had planned…I had two chances where I felt him really (dazed), but I lost it and I get really upset when I leave the decision in the judges’ hands…Anyone who has a mouth can talk. I respect his opinion and I’m ready to fight Shogun or any other challenger UFC decides, but I would like to say that this fight was not judged by myself, my father or Anderson Silva…This fight was judged by professionals, so I’m pretty much comfortable with the result…It’s time to celebrate the win and relax from the hard training routine…After that I will check what happened to my hand (it’s hurt), if it needs some surgery, then analyze my mistakes in this fight carefully with my family to restart my training routine. No matter who is my next opponent, I’ll give some rest to my mind and body and return 100 percent to the training to get ready for my next challenge. If it’s Shogun again, I’ll study his game and make a different strategy to please the fans with a better fight.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mike

    November 17, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    agree with machida.
    mike. 40 years in martial arts.

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