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Frank Trigg To “Get One More Shot” To Prove He Belongs In The UFC

Frank Trigg

MMA veteran Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg has fought for several promotions in the past including the UFC, PrideFC, Icon Sport, World Fighting Alliance and Rumble on the Rock.  Trigg’s goal for a UFC welterweight title run didn’t start out too well for him as he lost to Josh Koscheck via KO in the first round at UFC 103.  Although he was informed that he’d be cut from the UFC immediately after his loss to Koscheck, he was actually given a second chance to redeem himself.

From Frank Trigg:

“They said I’ll get one more shot, another fight, to prove I belong here…If I win, they’ve got to keep me around. If I lose and it’s back-to-back losses, they’ll probably drop me, rightfully so…No disrespect to Koscheck, but the fight only went a minute (and) 40 (seconds), and he only got in one good shot…In my mind, nothing really happened. I got caught. We could fight again, and I think it would be an entirely different outcome…My understanding when I signed my deal – well, at first, they offered me a fight with Johny Hendricks…But I didn’t want that fight because I know Johny and used to train him. A couple weeks later, they offered me Josh Koscheck. They said, ‘We gave Josh a couple options, and he chose you too.’  “They basically said, ‘If you lose, we have to keep you for one more fight since Josh is a top-five guy and it’s such a tough fight’…That’s why I was so surprised that Dana said that I was being cut…I’m ready to fight, and I want to fight…But I just want to fight in the UFC.”

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