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Frank Mir Wants Brock Lesnar To Vacate UFC Heavyweight Title

Current UFC  heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is currently recovering from a severe illness he suffered these past few months.  Due to Lesnar’s lengthy sickness, the UFC has decided to create an interim heavyweight belt between the top two heavyweight contenders.  Frank Mir is now expected to fight Shane Carwin for the interim title on March 27th at UFC 111 in New Jersey.

Mir questions whether or not Lesnar will be able to recover within the next year.  He strongly feels that if Lesnar isn’t prepared to make a comeback anytime soon, then he should give his belt up just like he had to once before.

From Frank Mir:

“If (Brock Lesnar) is going to be out for that long, should he even hold on to the belt at all? The interim title works if a champion is not able to defend his belt within a year-long period, you know he’s going to be out eight, nine months, you make the interim belt than he comes back after a year but as of now his last fight was in July. If he’s out a year from today’s date that’s a year and a half and at that point, I don’t think you can hold the belt ransom. They gave me about a year when I had my injury so I’ve been on that side of the coin and I was more than happy to relinquish the belt because I felt kind of selfish that I really couldn’t do anything with it. I don’t how successful he’s going to be coming back. That’s going to be a question over his head for a while. It wasn’t like he was a slick, technical fighter to begin with. A lot of his style went upon his brute power and strength. If Brock Lesnar is unable to put on the same kind of size as he had before … I don’t think he’s going to be very successful as a fighter at 245.”

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