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Frank Mir Prefers To Avoid Interim Titles: “If Lesnar Can’t Defend It In A Year, Strip Him of the Title”

Frank Mir eating

The former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has the experience of holding a heavyweight title, an interim heavyweight title and having his belt stripped due to inactivity.  Mir prefers to avoid any type of interim title because it just confuses the fans of this sport.

From Frank Mir:

“I hate interim titles. I think it’s stupid. It’s retarded. It’s confusing to fans. Let [Lesnar] keep the belt [until he can fight again], or go ahead and put it away. Either he can defend it, or he can’t. If he can’t defend it in a year, strip him of the title. I’ve lived on both sides of it. If we can avoid it, let’s avoid it.”

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