Frank Mir is back!

After 7 of his 8 wins in the beginning of his MMA career, Frank Mir had gone through many ups and downs.  Many had doubted his future due to his disappointing losses in the UFC.

You have to think about a few things…It has not been easy for the 28-year old to bounce back in after losing his Heavyweight title that he won once before.  Mir has gone through a lot of emotional stress and physical discomfort because of a motorcycle accident he had once before.

Following his accident, there was an interim Heavyweight title created by the UFC and Andrei Arlovski won that title.  After a year and 2 months, Mir was not able to defend his title and his Heavyweight belt was stripped.

At UFC 74-Respect (results and pics), Mir proved that he was still a competitive fighter.  At 28 years old, he will be good to shine once again.

Congratulations to Frank Mir for his stunning performance as he beats Antoni Hardonk with an impressive Kimura in the first round.

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