Frank Mir Compares Brock Lesnar And Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: “Beating Nogueira Would Be So Significant To Me” (UFC 92 Fight Talk)

Frank Mir is currently training for one of the biggest fights of his MMA career.  He’ll be taking on UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira at UFC 92: ‘The Ultimate 2008’ event. 

The winner between Mir and Nogueira will look to fight Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight unification title.  Mir has been tested against the 265-pound giant before and won via a kneebar submission in the first round.  Although many think a rematch between both of these guys would end with a different result, Mir states that he’ll probably beat him again because "Brock’s not a legend in our sport.  He’s not even an icon in our sport yet.  He’s an entertainer who is famous and who’s had a slight amount of success in our sport with two wins."  MMA fans believe that Lesnar never truly earned a title shot, but beating Randy Couture at UFC 91 proved everyone wrong.  We’ll simply have to wait and see if Lesnar can defend his title against the winner of Nogueira vs. Mir.

Mir doesn’t want to look ahead of the game because he believes that Nogueira is the true "legend" of mixed martial arts.  A must-see heavyweight battle for all UFC/MMA fans around the world, scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 27th, 2008. 

Here’s a snip from Frank Mir himself:

"Beating Nogueira would be so significant to me, because of who he is.  He’s a legend in our sport.  Whether he wins or loses his next fight, he’s the Minotauro.  Brock (Lesnar) hasn’t earned that yet.  Nogueira, I don’t have to say anything else about him.  Just say his name and you get a reaction, you see the respect.  Anyone who knows even a little bit about this sport knows what he’s about."

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