Fabricio Werdum Waits Patiently For UFC Heavyweight Title Shot

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Many mixed martial arts fans have asked the question in regards to the UFC heavyweight title, "Wasn’t Fabricio Werdum next in life for a shot at the UFC heavyweight belt?"  According to Werdum, his contract with the UFC stated that if he defeated Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos then he would be the next to challenge the belt.  However, Lesnar has been given the change to battle it out with Randy Couture for the title first. 

The UFC heavyweight situation is currently in a bit of a mess because there are two belts flying round.  Couture was involved in a lawsuit with the UFC organization because he simply did not want to complete the 2 bouts that remained on his contract.  Nonetheless, Couture has agreed to come back to the octagon and inked a new 3-fight contract early last week.  He’ll be putting his belt on the line against Brock Lesnar, which is scheduled to take place in November at UFC 91.

Just when we thought Werdum would get his chance for a title if he defeated Cigano, Couture decides to come back to the picture.  We all know that Dana White and the UFC would have more pay-per-view buys with a main event headlining Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar.  It’s a super fight that many UFC fans are waiting to watch and Werdum agrees.  He admits that he is now well-known to American fans and that’s the reason why he’ll have to wait his turn. 

Here’s a snip from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert, Fabricio Werdum:

"Ultimate (UFC) thinks about business, and Lesnar is more famous in the United States.  I don’t how they’ll do it, because my new contract guarantees a title shot with a victoary against Cigano…They should have put Cigano, who is a newcomer in the event, to face Lesnar, who only has one fight in UFC.  But that’s OK, I’ll win my next fight and my time will come…Nogueira will certainly defeat Frank Mir and Couture will beat Lesnar..  The ‘big’ Lesnar won’t make it, Couture use a good strategy to him tired will win on the last round.  I can’t see him winning, Couture has a lot more experience and Lesnar is like a white-belt there."

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